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Pepperdine University's Big Campus Life Project Plans

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You can see the proximity of Malibu Country Estates to the school
The Malibu Times reports that Pepperdine University, which hasn't seen renovations since the 1970s, is looking to re-tool parts of its campus. Public hearings are underway, a draft environmental report has been released, while some locals from the nearby Malibu Country Estates are speaking out about traffic worries.The project doesn't fall within Malibu, but within unincorporated Los Angeles County, so the Malibu residents can only given their input. "The plan, called the Campus Life Project, consists of, among other things, renovating residential housing on campus, which would add 468 beds, expanding athletic stadium seating by almost 2,000, adding outdoor lighting to the women's soccer field, building a welcome center and making a parking lot for the School of Law. Many of the last renovations of the university took place in the 1970s and representatives from the campus say the updates are much needed." Meanwhile, "Cindy Starrett, attorney at Latham & Watkins, who represents Pepperdine University in the expansion project, said that adding more student housing could actually decrease traffic on the Pacific Coast Highway and surrounding areas." According to the official web site for the expansion, both the final EIR and public hearings before the regional planning commission will come next spring. Additionally, in the draft EIR, renderings are credited to Gensler.
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