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Planners Push for a More Lively, Less Parky Marina del Rey

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County planners are recommending a zoning change for Marina del Rey, which would allow for mixed-use developments on top of the beach area's numerous surface parking lots, the Los Angeles Times reports. This being LA, there was still a cry of "Think of the parking!"; in response, planners pulled back on encouraging development near Mother's Beach (pictured) so spots aren't eaten up. An earlier story in the Times described Santos Kreimann, director of the county Department of Beaches and Harbors, as hoping 2020's MdR "would look something like Belmont Shore in Long Beach or the Redondo Beach Pier," i.e. lined with stores and restaurants. Resident David Barish takes umbrage with this vision, telling the Times that the County should develop a Pike's Place-like fish market, aquarium, or Maritime museum: "We do not need another Santa Monica Place on the boat launch ramp." The planning commission's recommendations now head to the County Board of Supervisors and the California Coastal Commission. Image by aeschleah via Flickr
· Planners Approve Development in Marina del Rey [LA Times]