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A Little Reminder to Steer Clear of the LA River

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At the beginning of this monsoon last week, LA Creek Freak thought it a good time to highlight "No Way Out," a disturbing '90s video that highlights the dangers of the city's storm channels during rain season. The film, shown to LA school children to keep them out of the overloaded washes, is frightening and sad: not only do you see vintage video of entire houses plunging into the river, but the effort to save Adam Bischoff, a 15-year-old who drowned in the LA River channel in February 1992 (so watch at your own risk). "No Way Out" was created by Nancy Rigg, whose fiancee died in 1980 in the river in Atwater Village. According to the video, the water in a swollen concrete flood channel is not only toxic, it can travel 40 miles an hour and pull someone in if it's only six inches above their feet.
· No Way Out: Scary Concrete Rivers [lacreekfreak]