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Curbed Cup 2nd Round: Fairfax Versus Hollywood

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Half the field has already been eliminated in the Curbed Cup, our annual award to the Los Angeles neighborhood of the year. This week will see the last match-ups---polls will be left open for 48 hours. On Friday, two final contenders will compete prestigious JPG trophy. Let the eliminations continue!

Is it encouraging that two highly walkable areas made the second round of Curbed Cup? First, the area around Fairfax Avenue down to about Wilshire Boulevard provoked some interesting talk about architecture in 2010: The neighborhood saw plans for an Mid-Century Modern-inspired retail space; a controversial renovation of an old Art Deco theater; a new Renzo Piano-designed building at LACMA; and more designs for LACMA west. Additionally, projects like the ambitious but apparently not popular Cherokee Lofts filled up patchy spots of the Avenue, while 801 Fairfax brought a handful of new retail projects. And just wait till that subway comes by! (Please wheel us out from the nursing home to catch a glimpse.)

Or is it Hollywood's year? The area around Sunset and Vine is now probably the most interesting part of Hollywood because of how urban it feels--all in a few blocks, you can buy radishes at the Farmers Markets; browse books at Borders; drink a Bloody Mary at the bar of the Arclight; catch a movie; have a late dinner at The Bowery, grab some essentials at Trader Joe's, and go home to your new Hollywood apartment (so many choices in rentals). Even the rough edges of Hollywood are growing more appealing---as commenter Famous Amos recently said: "Skeezy Hollywood is the best."

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