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Pasadena and Its New Rose Bowl Won't Host 2022 World Cup

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Business Insider has all the renderings for "nine futuristic stadiums" that Qatar will use for World Cup in 2022, Russia was awarded the 2018 World Cup, while the "United States has now lost successive bids to host major international sporting events. Chicago lost its bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, which was awarded to Rio de Janeiro, reports the NY Times. “We’re devastated as a country not to get this,” Eric Wynalda, a former American soccer star and now a commentator, said on the Fox Soccer Channel." As previously reported, Pasadena was one of those cities angling to bring the footie to the US. Just hours before the announcement, the Pasadena Star News reported official were still optimistic.
· Locals Optimistic About Rose Bowl [PSN]