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In a Switch, Venice RVers File Lawsuit Against City

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While the residents living in RVs in Venice have long been a target of the neighborhood, and the city, now they've filed a lawsuit against the city, alleging their Fourth, Fifth and 14th Amendment rights have been violated. And they're being represented by Carol Sobel, the same attorney repping those Hollywood Blvd superheros. The lawsuit was filed last week. Via The Argonaut: "The plaintiffs are all longtime residents of Venice who say that either illness or economic misfortune caused them to lose their homes.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court Nov. 23, charges that the Los Angeles Police Department has targeted vehicles in the area for selective enforcement on the basis that the owners are homeless and park on public streets. Some of the plaintiffs allege in the complaint that the police department has conducted traffic stops of their vehicles to issue citations for minor problems such as a turn signal that is kept on.

In addition, the lawsuit accuses the LAPD of enforcing parking laws against the plaintiffs, who are exempted from such restrictions because their vehicles have disability placards or license plates."
· Venice: Residents living in vehicles file federal lawsuit alleging they have been targets of city enforcement [Argonaut]