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Rent Check: Maurice Tuchman's Astral House

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If you've ever seen Steven Soderburgh's neo-noir crime flick The Limey, you'll recognize this choice bit of real estate as the home of Terry Valentine, the sleazy record producer/drug trafficker played with oleaginous brilliance by Peter Fonda. In real life, the home belongs to Maurice Tuchman, senior curator emeritus of LACMA's 20th-Century art department, but can be temporarily yours for the low, low price of $14,000 a month. Designed in 1995 by museum architect Brent Saville, the 5,582-square-foot residence features two bedrooms, four baths, two fireplaces, an office, a library, exercise room, separate guest quarters, an infinity pool, and unobstructed city and canyon views. Per the listing, the property comes with contemporary art and furniture and twice-a-week housekeeping staff.
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