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Things Used to Get a Little Crazy Behind the Beverly Hills Hotel

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Large photo by Brad Elterman

Maybe it's hard to believe, but apparently there was a time when Beverly Hills was fun. A tipster noticed that this 1977 photo by Brad Elterman was shot at staid old Mediterranean 904 Benedict Canyon. Elterman writes: "[B]ehind the Beverly Hills Hotel is a huge mansion owned by David Lane. I knew many of the guests, although an older crowd for me because I was just out of my teens. It was a warm sunny afternoon. I was standing next to the bar trying to get a Seven-Up. Suddenly, this lovely girl started to strip down right in front of me. I only had a wide-angle 28 mm camera lens, not really wide enough for the moment, so I backed up as far as I could, almost knocking over the bar." PropertyShark confirms that a David Lane owned 904 (1975 purchase price: $414,004). The house is for sale for the first time since the seventies, asking $17.995 million. More photos and an animated gif of the topless woman(!) on Elterman's website.
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