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Architectural Photography Show in Arts District, Tough Day for Clippers' Announcer

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Venice Canals by Helen K. Garber
DOWNTOWN: On your holiday party circuit this Saturday, swing by an art opening centered around photography and architecture. "The Factory's 2010 LA Architectural Photography Show is a diverse, yet concentrated view of fine art architectural photography in Los Angeles. From the dramatic to the iconic, abstract to documentary, the works all highlight the unusual, the beautiful, the surreal and the compelling architecture around us. On view through December 11." More info about the Arts District event. [Curbed InBox ]

DOWNTOWN: Lost in the story about Clippers broadcaster Ralph Lawler missing the game yesterday due to a six-hour traffic jam is a tough commute. "Apparently Lawler commutes from La Quinta to Downtown Los Angeles for games, a 135-mile, two and a half hour drive each way." [Desert Sun]