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No One Walks in LA, Or No One Works in LA?

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Actor Ryan Gosling's comments in GQ are generating lots of backlash in the blogosphere according to Guest of a Guest. What he said: "The problem with Hollywood is that nobody works. They have meals. They go to Pilates. But it’s not enough. So they do drugs. If everybody had a pile of rocks in their backyard and spent every day moving them from one side of the yard to the other, it would be a much happier place." And the Canadian press has seized upon the story, putting out this headline: "Ryan Gosling urges actors to get jobs." And more from his interview and why work is a good thing: "The 30-year old Canadian star underwent a stint as a cashier in a sandwich shop after filming 'The Notebook' in 2004 and believes other actors should follow his example as it will reduce the chances of them developing problems coping with fame."
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