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Solar-Powered Loft in University Park

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In these hi-tech times, it's become increasingly common to see real estate listings marketed with video tours, as this two-bedroom loft in University Park is. Unlike most tours, which typically consist of a loop of Ken-Burns-style pans across photos of staged, unoccupied homes plus a smooth-jazz soundtrack, this one is led by the seller, a Vincent Donofrio lookalike who mentions at one point that he teaches at USC. Although this is Curbed and not, we've got a few words of unsolicited advice for our loft-dwelling teacher. First, pick up the pace, fella! It should not take nearly eleven minutes to describe a 2,700-square-foot space. (At 5:10, even the seller's portly dog grows bored, and makes a very comical exit via laborious, noisy staircase ascent.) Second, lose a few of those "artsy" dissolves and wipes. And third, there's really no need to share that your favorite room in the house is the bathroom. These nitpicks aside, the converted warehouse, which has appeared in Dwell, does look like a lovely live-work space. Originally built in 1970, its features include built-in bookshelves and couch, a modern kitchen with recycled-material countertops and solar-powered stainless-steel appliances. It's listed at $990,000.
· 2203 S UNION Ave [Redfin]
· 2203 South Union Avenue [Virtual Tour]