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Gehry's Playboy Interview: Stadiums, Starck and His Sex Life

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As evidenced by his War and Peace-length interview in the latest issue of Playboy, 81-year-old architect Frank Gehry is as feisty ever. Tidbits: 98 percent of the world's architecture is awful; someone is already one-upping the height of his new 76-story tower in New York because "it’s a hilarious thing about erections"; Walt Disney Concert Hall wasn't based on a crumpled up piece of paper (blame Matt Groening for that one); Philippe Starck hotels give him bruises; building codes are to blame for banal sports stadiums; he came to California to be a truck driver; he used chain-link fences and corrugated metal to build his famous Santa Monica home because "I wanted to take the curse off the material." And know your readership? Here's where that erection reference comes in. Writes Contributing Editor David Sheff: ["Gehry] had a wry sense of humor. Before we began, he said he’d prepared for our interview by reading one I’d conducted in the past—with Jack Nicholson. ‘Mostly Nicholson talked about his sex life,’ Gehry said. ‘I don’t want to disappoint you, but I have no sex life.’ It turned out fine, as at one point he noted that architecture is all about erections.” Geez Louise, the opus of an interview clocks in at over 6,000 words, and archdaily has the whole shebang.
· Frank Gehry Playboy Interview [Playboy via archdaily]