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Timberlake Goes Metal, Architect Does Bags, H&M Heads to Vegas

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TARGET TOWN: Racked got a look at the upcoming William Rast for Target line and it left them wondering if co-founder Justin Timberlake could "secretly be obsessed with 80s hair metal." The leather, pleather, studs, and fringe looked like they could have come from Kip Winger or Vince Neil rather than the ex-Mousketeer.

DOWNTOWN: Local architect Albert Chu designed Otaat, "a line of utilitarian, architecturally structured bags and sacks," to help you schlep your drafting supplies or laptop or whatever around town. He tells Racked that the overlap of architecture and design is best "where everything falls into place naturally, interestingly, and suggestively."

VEGAS: The world's biggest H&M just opened in the Caesars Palace Forum Shops, because where else? It's 60,000 square feet and "looks like Xanadu on an acid trip: multi-colored disco balls, flying mannequins, sparkles and sequins everywhere." Sounds about right.

EVERYWHERE: Men, women: both so hard to shop for. Luckily, Racked's got gift guides for the dudes and for the ladies.
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