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Mid-City Farmers Market Gets Banners, Hollywood Farmers Market Gets Reprieve

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MID-CITY: Looks like someone got some new banners? Allen DiCastro, president of the Mid-City Neighborhood Council passes on the above photo, writing: "MINC funded banners for our Wellington Square Farmer's Market are up! The market is open Sunday from 9am to 1pm and begins at the corner of Wellington and Washington Blvd." Maybe next year, you'll make Curbed Cup, Mid-City. [Curbed InBox]

HOLLYWOOD: Speaking of the markets, there's been a bit more movement on "Hollywood Farmers Market Crisis of 2010." From the AP: "The Hollywood Farmers Market has been granted a three-month reprieve to give it time to overcome a challenge to its permit. Pompea Smith, CEO of the nonprofit group that operates the market, said Friday the permit extension allows time to reach a permanent agreement with the adjacent film school that has refused to sign off on the produce bazaar's permit." [AP]