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Slight Drop for a Glassell Park Better Shelter

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Now that we know that Northeast LA firm Extraordinary Real Estate is no longer representing Better Shelter, here is a company that is: Deasy Penner has the listing for 2295 Cazador Drive, a Better Shelter home--with additional rental income--in Glassell Park. "Behind a private fence lies a beautiful Better Shelter re-imagined three bedroom, two bath home which includes a two bedroom, one bath house next door. Two for one. This is a great opportunity for an owner to live in a Better Shelter-designed home that has been thoughtfully re-done in addition to receiving rental income...The 2/1 house is on Avenue 33 and is rented for $1,060/month.." The home is asking $499,000. Take Sunset wrote about this home back in October when it was listed at $529,000.
· Better Shelter Two-on-a-Lot in Glassell Park [Deasy Penner]