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Hill Street Greens: EcoPods Fill Empty Lot With Algae, Robot Arms

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Image courtesy Höweler + Yoon Architecture / Squared Design Lab
In an article on architects and planners putting recession-empty lots to good use (mostly in cities that aren't Los Angeles), the LA Times mentions this bit of speculation for a parking lot site on Hill Street between Seventh and Eighth Streets. Locals Squared Design Lab and Boston-based Höweler + Yoon Architecture originally designed EcoPods for Boston Commons, but Squared architect Josh Barandon "was inspired to come up with a few designs for sites" downtown too. The modular pods serve as algae biofuel farms and research incubators, with space for vertical botanical gardens in between. An algae-fueled robotic armature moves the pods around for best growing conditions, to fit changing site needs, and to buck everyone up: "the continuous construction on the site will broadcast a subtle semaphore of constructional activity and economic recovery." Robots + algae = optimism. Makes sense.

Image courtesy Höweler + Yoon Architecture / Squared Design Lab
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