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Some Atwater Villagers Not Into CRA's Redevelopment Plan

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The Atwater Village News blog reminds readers that tomorrow the Community Redevelopment Agency will likely approve a $2.25 million federal planning grant that will go toward their redevelopment plans in Northeast LA. The proposed Northeast Los Angeles River Redevelopment Project area encompasses 3.5 square miles (see map), 2,300 acres, and over 32,000 residents; according to the CRA the project will provide streetscape projects, home improvement and small business assistance programs. "A Work Program and Implementation Plan that will be submitted sometime in 2011 to the City Planning Commission and the City Council" after an environmental impact assessment is conducted. Some locals like the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council aren't fans of the proposal--they wrote a letter last month to councilmen Eric Garcetti and Tom LaBonge requesting their help in having AV dropped from the redevelopment plan. Atwater Village News says some properties are considered blighted by the CRA just so they can be seized through eminent domain. No word what CRA's side of the story is in this one.
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