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Santa Monica's Big Wave Gets Lit, More Gensler Downtown Office Talk

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SANTA MONICA: Santa Monica makes good on a promise to restore the Big Wave art piece that looms over the city's border at Wilshire and Franklin. The piece from West Coast artist Tony DeLap went up in 1989 but has since fallen on hard times; working with DeLap, the city spent about $75,000 this month to clean and paint the wave's surface and replace its non-functioning fiber optics and Plexiglass cover. Now the wave will be lit up by energy-efficient LED lighting and an "astronomically-synched timer" will turn the lights on a half-hour before sunset and a half-hour before sunrise. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: At today's AEG press conference for its NFL stadium proposal, Ron Turner, Director of Sports and Entertainment at Gensler, was talking up downtown. And he told reporters his company is moving its Santa Monica offices to downtown. Specifically, he said his firm is moving "five blocks away" from LA Live. Office shuffle rumors confirmed, it would seem. But after the event, he declined to talk more about the move and said it wasn't a done deal yet. But close to being done? See you at California Plaza for a lunchtime pita, Gensler. [Curbed Staff]