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Hollywood Hills House Name-Dropping Survives Renovation

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First the listing for this two bedroom 1964 house above the Sunset Strip sprinkles the Hollywood magic on thick: "Owned by Richard Clayton who became one of the biggest agents of his time including Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Jane Fonda and Burt Reynolds. These artists when beginning their careers would live in the Guest House on the property. The intent was this property to be James Dean's home." (As a tipster wrote, "Both James Dean and Marilyn Monroe were dead by the time this house was built. Dean had been dead nine years.") But then it says all the Hollywood magic has been torn out anyway: "The owners completely gutted the house and redid everything from soup to nuts." Ah well, either way there's a pool. Check it out pre-reno here, from when it was listed as a trust sale in 2008. It sold then for a very specific $1.35975; asking price now is $2.595 million.
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