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Don't You Want to Buy David Hasselhoff's Ex-Wife's House?

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Look, when you're trying to sell Marilyn Monroe's house, use her name, use her photo, sure, of course. But when you're selling Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff's house? Ex-wife of David Hasselhoff, star of "Appointment With Fear" and "Nudity Required," big in Germany Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff? Well, we would at least recommend including some photos of the house. What looks like an older listing on Zillow still has a full set for the three bedroom in the hills above Universal City, and shows a $1.599 million price tag. Current asking is $1.499 million. Maybe that chop and the radical redirection in marketing will finally attract that wealthy German expat buyer.
· 3488 TROY Dr [Redfin]