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Westwood Wood Rising, CicLAvia's Kickstarter Campaign

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WESTWOOD: Gaze upon a new 24-unit, 4-story project going up at 30221 Kelton Avenue, not too far from Westwood Park, Westwood Village, and that 29-story tower the city just approved. We hear that developer Jan Holtz has not yet decided if these will be rental or purchase, but we do know the building will have 20 two-bedroom units and two levels of underground parking, and the project should be done in mid or late-summer 2011. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: The folks who brought you the best bicycle day of 2010 are throwing a fundraiser. "Please consider donating to our new 2011 CicLAvia Kickstarter Campaign. You can contribute as little as one dollar. Gifts of $11 or more receive a CicLAvia 2011 spoke card. Higher dollar gifts receive even groovier premiums." Link is here. [Curbed InBox]