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Looks to Be a Done Deal for Controversial Sherman Oaks Ralphs

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The phrase "Controversial Sherman Oaks Ralphs" gives one pause, doesn't it? But this project raised the ire of some locals, who were particularly concerned about the height and size of the new grocery store planned for 14037 West Ventura Boulevard (near Hazeltine; this will replace an existing Ralphs). And despite an appeal filed by Jay C. Weitzler, a rep of the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association, the Planning and Land Use Committee today approved the project.

In his appeal, Weitzler questioned the lack of an EIR on the project, and challenged how it would change the neighborhood from both a traffic and density point of view. From his appeal letter: "We are concerned about the “Canyonization” of Ventura, a street and neighborhood that has not been planned with this sort of development in mind. Sherman Oaks residents do not want a Downtown atmosphere, we wish a more suburban one without the massive congestion and blockage of sunlight that this approval would encourage.” Meanwhile, the project also drew support from numerous other locals residents. The final height of the store is 48 feet, which requires an exception to the specific plan. If approved by the full Council tomorrow, which seems likely, the project would break ground in late summer 2011 and take 12 months to build, according to a rep for the project.
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