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Some Say Planning Department's New 12-2 Program Doesn't Go Far Enough

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Some representatives for developers believe that the revamped 12-2 Planning Department program, which is supposed to streamline the building process, still needs re-working, reports the Los Angeles Business Journal. Critics note that "projects can take twice as long to build in Los Angeles than they would in other cities, say projects will still face excessive hurdles because of L.A.’s lengthy environmental review processes; complex zoning code; and inadequate City Hall staffing, especially in the Planning Department." And the story quotes Dale Goldsmith, at Armbruster Goldsmith & Delvac LLC, a firm that has worked on the Hollywood Target, for instance. "Goldsmith and other developer advocates say what’s really needed are firm deadlines for approvals to be granted (or denied so appeals can go forward or businesses can cut their losses), more staff at the city’s Planning Department and simplification of the city’s Byzantine zoning code." But others quoted in the story believe that the Planning Dept's planned new website-- developers can track their projects on the site--and the “express permitting” tweaks for some businesses, will help the overall process.
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