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Silver Lake Landslide May Finally Get Buried

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It's not really a treat to walk this stretch of Sunset to begin with (what with the narrow sidewalks), but a landslide last February near the intersection of Coronado has made the experience even less enjoyable, with people forced to walk over debris or step into Sunset to proceed. The Eastsider LA reports that it may be finally getting cleaned up as Councilman Eric Garcetti requested $37,000 for the stabilization of the hill above the sidewalk; the motion will move on to the full city council for approval. "Many residents had been perplexed as to why the city could not have just cleaned up the sidewalk as engineers conducted field studies and then held several meetings to come up with a solution," says the Eastsider. Evil tree roots were named culprits in the landslide, which sent a 20-foot chunk of dirt onto the sidewalk after the winter rains. Image via The Eastsider LA
· Movement on Cleaning Up Echo Park/Silver Lake Landslide [Eastsider LA]