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Bixby Knolls Was Probably Not Settled by Antagonistic Munchkins

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Houses via La Linda Drive

According to the official website of Long Beach's gated La Linda Drive, George H. Bixby built a ranch house in the neighborhood back in 1890. The Cerritos tract was planned in 1910 and "By 1920 another fifty homes had been built and the community we know today was firmly established." But according to much more entertaining internet commenters, La Linda was settled in the post-"Wizard of Oz" years by Munchkins, who fiercely guard their land and throw fruit at intruders. According to one fan of the "Midget Land. Long Beach, CA" Facebook page, "the door bells, door knobs, window sill [are] all lower." Another writes: "They got pissed when we rode thru as kids..They would come out and yell at the giants.." So why don't sober adults ever seem to see the little people of La Linda? The Long Beach Press-Telegram, which tries today to dispel the myth of "Midget Land," quotes a commenter who has an inkling: "I have a cousin who lived there most of her life and has yet to see a little person. They probably come out late at night."
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