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High-Speed Authority Gets Some Good News: First Segment May Reach Bakersfield

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As previously noted, Ohio and Wisconsin said "no, thanks" to federal money for high-speed rail and Uncle Sam, in response, directed over $600 million to California for its proposed system. The Sacramento Bee reports today that the money, which requires a matching state grant, can likely bring the first constructed segment from north of Fresno to Bakersfield (approx. pop. 325,000), rather than the original plan of north of Fresno to near Corcoran (approx. pop. 25,000), news which disappointed many. State Assemblywoman Cathleen Galgiani was told by the HSRA that the money will also likely allow for stations to be planned and designed in Bakersfield and Merced, north of Fresno. While the Fresno to Corcoran span was about 65 miles, with Bakersfield added on the southern end the initial segment stretches 90 miles. On top of the $600+ million, another $8 million was directed to Caltrans for inner-city rail lines in the state. Map via
· Feds Feed More Money to California High-Speed Rail [Sacramento Bee]