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Samples Sale Madness, Flight 001 Boarding, Popup Powerhouses

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DOWNTOWN: Racked visited last weekend's Thread LA event, an indie designer warehouse sale that offers "an alternative to a mind-numbing, Xmas-caroled department store," which sounds pretty attractive to us. Click over for Racked's favorite finds from the event.

ALL OVER: From Commerce to Culver City, Echo Park to West LA, there are still sample sales going on all over town. Racked has an extensive list.

BEVERLY GROVE: For all the people who love it when Don Draper gets on an airplane, Flight 001 is back on Third Street. Racked reports that "It's still the same DNA, the same formula: the store offers an assortment of poppy and highly functional travel products...And, of course, it still looks like you've boarded the most swingin' Pan Am flight. Possibly to Bora Bora."

DOWNTOWN: This weekend popup powerhouses Unique LA, A Current Affair, and Artisanal LA are joining forces and offering discounts downtown. According to Racked, "All three events were major successes on their own," featuring independent designers, vintage clothes, and delicious fattening food respectively.
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