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Meet Melrose Gateway, Newly Minted (But Unliked) Neighborhood

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In a rant, a reader both brings to light a troublesome section of East Hollywood, and coins a name for it. He writes: "Ok, so I'm looking for a forum for my 3rd biggest LA pet peeve behind a better LAX and the power lines that scar 3rd Street - The Melrose Gateway." The Melrose Gateway, ranter?

[My] personal moniker for the eyesore and traffic bottleneck at the intersection of Melrose, Normandie and the Hollywood Freeway. My personal, politically incorrect solution would be to take a bulldozer to the this mess and be done with it, but jail isn't really an option for me right now...I'm coming to you to see if there is grass roots support to at least ban street parking so Melrose isn't choked down to 1 lane in this vital corridor to Hollywood. (And I don't even work for Paramount!) · Reader Rant Archives [Curbed LA]