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Cahuenga Pass Shelter for the Deer and the Artists

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The copy for this two-bedroom, two-bath home on Fredonia Drive makes us want to throw some novels in a suitcase and head to hills. More about the home, listed for $725,000: "First offering since 1955: Harwell Hamilton Harris, Architect: The Lee and Mary Blair Residence, 1939. The real hidden treasure of Cahuenga Pass is not the fabled gold and silver buried in the 19th century, but rather this site of shelter for deer, and the creative human spirit. Building with rigorous adherence to the principals of organic architecture, the artists and architect created a now timeless residence at one with its hillside site, with the naturalness and intimacy of its architecture enhanced by construction in redwood and glass." Of course, one person's naturalness and intimacy is another person's tear-down.

· 3763 FREDONIA Dr [Redfin]