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Woodsy Modern in Rustic Canyon

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Nowadays, it seems like the term "cook's kitchen" applies to every listing with cooking implements fancier than a propane stove, but this house would like you to know its kitchen isn't just any run-of-the-mill cook's kitchen, thankyouverymuch. Nay, it is the "ultimate kitchen, designed for a chef," and "built around the largest BOOS butcher block ever manufactured." Rest assured there are plenty of other high-end touches in the five-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath residence, designed by Rick Cortez. For instance, there's the "reclaimed barn floors from the East Coast, the "built-in bookshelves made from Spanish cedar," and the "attached pop out space designed by Frank Gehry to capture the star-studded night sky, currently utilized as the master bedroom." But if you want a swimming pool, you'll have to install one yourself. Asking price for the property, which is situated on a half-acre lot in Santa Monica's Rustic Canyon, is $3.85 million.
· 780 Latimer Road, Santa Monica, CA 90402 [Deasy Penner]