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USS Iowa May Finally Get the Crowds to San Pedro

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The Press Telegram reports that a plan to bring the USS Iowa, currently held near Suisun Bay near San Francisco, to San Pedro is getting the initial support of port officials, who like the proposal to moor the vessel off San Pedro, and open it up as a museum/tourist draw. And it sounds like there are no ship NIMPs (Not in My Port). Turns out everyone backs a big warship! Via the Telegram: "Few projects have generated the widespread support in San Pedro that the USS Iowa has in the past several months, with meetings drawing standing-room only crowds and virtually no vocal opposition." And more: The paper reports that projected visitors in the first five years could hit upwards of 236,000 people, news which has the politicians excited. "'When was the last time we had anything close to attracting anywhere close to 200,000 people to the Harbor Area?' said Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn, among the speakers in favor of the plan.'' Image via the Press Telegram
· BERTH FOR THE IOWA? [Press Telegram]