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A Reconfigurable Los Angeles River-Powered Skyscraper

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Architects and planners are river-crazy lately, coming up with all kinds of dream plans that include parks, manufacturing, and pools. The Vertical Campus, designed by USC architecture assistant professor Gail Peter Borden and Brian D. Andrews, sits over the Los Angeles River, but doesn't stay by its banks. It shoots way the heck up on a "steel cross-braced super-structure," with two secondary structures inside that "allow for a reconfiguration of units within the building as needed." The architects see it being put to residential, commercial, garden, and civic uses. The Vertical Campus generates hydroelectric power from the river, but also has wind turbines, photovoltaic film, and horizontal algae farms. Bike and pedestrian paths run through the building's base, as do streets and train tracks. And is that a helipad up top there? So realistic!
· Vertical Campus: A New Skyscraper for an Ever-evolving L.A. [eVolo]