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No, Eff U on Melrose, AmApp In Trouble, Shopping at SLS, More

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Philippe Starck-designed Regalo at the SLS Hotel

MELROSE: And the "FUK U" sign on that Melrose sex shop has been covered up after just a couple weeks. The proprietor appears to be sheepish about the whole thing--he took down the storefront's klassy kursive "by Christophe Doumaiselle" too.

CENTURY CITY: Racked reports back from Full Figured Fashion Week, where 13 collections showed at the Hyatt Regency. This is LA's first time hosting the event, which "aims to bridge the gap between plus-size designers, retailers, and consumers."

DOWNTOWN: FYI, the American Apparel DeathWatch is back on! They lost almost $15 million in the second quarter.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Target has a hard time holding back when it comes to its designer collaborations, they're always letting the merch out early. Racked has spotted Target X Mulberry at the West Hollywood store, and it'll be great for the pink leopard-lovers in the crowd, but they "emphatically insist that we really, really, really don't love it."

BEVERLY GROVE: The SLS Hotel has unveiled Regalo, a Philippe Starck-designed boutique that "feels as much like a museum as it does a gift shop." The store sells Kiki de Montparnasse lingerie, Baccarat crystal, Starck's Kartell furnishings, and a golden fixie bike for the refined hipster.
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