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More Small Lot: Silver Lake's Edgecliff Townhomes Finishing Next Year

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When it comes to the city's small lot ordinance, which allows for a collection of single-family homes or detached town houses on a single lot, we've seen instances where a project is well-received (Auburn 7 in Silver Lake) and instances where neighbors have chased the developer out of town (Echo Park Skinny Project). Given the varying details of each project, and how they are integrated into the neighborhood, each building is probably best considered on a case-by-case basis. And here's the latest small lot ordinance project rising in Silver Lake: Meet Edgecliff Townhomes, going up at 1372 Edgecliff, right off Sunset, and expected to be finished next summer/fall.

According to Matthew Foss, principal at downtown-based developer Green City Builders, each townhome is three bedrooms, two and one half baths, and comes with a roof deck and a two car garage. Additionally, two townhomes have small yards in addition to the roof deck. Prices will be announced closer to the opening date. We asked Foss if the guy in the blue house appealed the project. In fact, that neighbor wrote a letter of support, according to Foss. But another local resident did appeal the project, which was ultimately approved by the City Council.

Here's the latest construction shot:

And what this replaced:

· Edgecliff Townhomes [Official Site]