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Another Chop for Quirky Beverly Glen Home

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When this quirky two-bedroom hideaway on an acre of wilderness in Beverly Glen was last featured on Curbed about six months ago, its asking price had been knocked down to $1.049 million from the original list price of over $2 million (though that price included an additional parcel of land). Since then, the property's undergone a few more chops, which brings it to its current asking of $679,000. It's also got some new photos, including a bedroom shot one can envision appealing to the Burning Man demographic. Other selling points, per the listing, include a solar-heated hot tub, "unobstructed views across the canyon...hardwood floors, walls of glass, skylights, and a free-standing fireplace."
· 1260 N BEVERLY GLEN Blvd [Redfin]