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Via Video, Studio City's Campbell Hall Responds to Construction Claims

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After local flack Jack McGrath took to Laurel Canyon Boulevard in Studio City to warn residents about expected traffic caused by Campbell Hall, which is adding a new Gensler-designed arts center, the school has replied with their own video. Their version doesn't offer an angry man standing on a road, but does provide some jaunty jazz music. And a promise that construction traffic won't be so bad. Here's the actual path of the trucks: "Construction vehicles will stage themselves on Laurel Canyon and then haul the dirt off the site. This work will occur during non-peak hours....Trucks will make a right hand turn, exiting south on Laurel Canyon, left on Moorepark and left on Tujunga.." Who wants to make a video about the construction next? The field mice, who are probably packing up their nests and getting out of Dodge? UPDATE: Pertinent information after the jump.

UPDATE: The voice-over is not done by an actor, but the school's Headmaster, The Reverend Canon Julian Bull. The music featured is a student group (Jazz Combo).
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