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Sunset Escape, Venice Pizza, French on 3rd, Santa Monica Market

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Plywood for new Venice pizza palace

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Eater is fawning over Eveleigh, a new West Hollywood rustic eatery that the site describes as beautifully adorned; "a mini escape from LA." We'll take that, especially with what sounds like delicious food, top-notch drinks, and an overall feeling reminiscent of the wonderful Gjelina in Venice.

VENICE: Speaking of Gjelina, the restaurant's chef/owner has taken over the furniture store next door on Abbott Kinney and is in the process of building out a takeout pizza cafe. Sign us up.

LOS ANGELES: 3rd Street has seen an influx of new restaurants and now a juicy space is getting filled with the Amandine Cafe, a new branch of the West LA French bakery.

SANTA MONICA: More reason to love the new Santa Monica Place: The Market, "a high end cafe and retail space" at SMPlace, is getting ready for an opening. Eater reports Kings Road Cafe and pretzel place Rockenwagner are setting up shot at The Market. This place kind of seems like a culinary version of Fred Segal.
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