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It's AEG's World (and Downtown), We Just Live In It

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Is anyone left feeling a little queasy by AEG's sense of entitlement after reading this Downtown News story that more fully describes AEG head Tim Leiweke's plans for that downtown football stadium?

The pertinent parts of the article: "Leiweke said he hopes to be ready to have initial city support — he said meetings have already begun with the chief legislative analyst — and agreements from state lawmakers on a stadium’s environmental necessities within 60 days. In his timeframe, entitlements would begin in January 2011 and take a year."

More on timeframe: "With entitlements secured, construction on a new West Hall of the Convention Center would begin in January 2012 and take a year, Leiweke said. In early 2013, they would raze the current West Hall and begin building a stadium packed with luxury suites and club seats."

On how it will be paid for: "The stadium itself, he said, would be privately financed, and only about 10 of the 50 annual events would be football games. He also promised that AEG would back the $300 million worth of bonds the city would need to issue to fund the Convention Center expansion." Brace, South Park condo owners, brace.
· Leiweke Hopes to Bring 2016 Super Bowl to Downtown [Downtown News]