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DA Doesn't Find 101 Stunt Amusing, Imperial Stars Charged With Felonies

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The Imperial Stars--the rock band that shut down the 101 when they pulled their modified truck across three lanes of the freeway on October 12, jumped on top of the vehicle, and sang a song to highlight child homelessness, have been charged with felony conspiracy charges, reports the Los Angeles Times. LA District Attorney Steve Cooley went after three of the five OC-based Stars hardcore, saying, "This was a well-orchestrated commercial stunt perpetrated by these defendants and their accomplices with no concern for the lives or well-being of thousands of innocent victims who were caught up in the prank. I hope this filing sends a strong message of deterrence. This type of dangerous behavior will not be tolerated.”

We gave the Imperial Stars exactly what they wanted by clicking on their website, which describes their future as thus, "The Imperial Stars are set to launch a new campaign to transform the Orange County Music scene by epic proportions. Commercial qualifications and few limitations foresee mainstream success for the noted party. Major tour contributions and profuse industry savvy make the band of business men the imminent force of quality sound production." No mention of homelessness on that "about" tab though (but plenty of PayPal links to donate on the homepage).
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