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Downtown Target Confirmed, Opening at 7th +Fig in 2012

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Wow, the Downtown News must be pissed. The paper has led all the downtown Target coverage, but the Target executives decided to give the exclusive story on the 7th + Fig opening to Los Angeles Times' reporters Andrea Chang and Roger Vincent. Via the LAT: "Retail giant Target Corp. is heading to downtown Los Angeles, part of a growing trend of big-box retailers taking advantage of a beaten-down urban real estate market.

The 7+Fig mall downtown — which has been without an anchor tenant since Macy's left early last year — will get the new Target, which will be smaller than most. It will also have a different merchandise mix, with a heavy emphasis on food and household basics and a reduced assortment of furniture and outdoor items." The store will open in 2012.
· Target store to open in downtown L.A. [LAT]