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Will Luxe @ 375 Chase Out the Nudie Bar Crowd?

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View from La Cienega
Some stretches of La Cienega Boulevard around Beverly Boulevard look a little mangy, but developer NMS believes its proposed project, Luxe @ 375, a new 5-story, 125-unit apartment building at La Cienega Boulevard and Westmount Drive, will improve the area. That belief is shared by the office of City Councilman Paul Koretz, who hopes the project cleans up the surrounding street life. At yesterday's Planning and Land Use Committee Meeting, Koretz's planning director Chris Koontz told the committee that the crowd that frequents the nearby Star Strip Theater, located down the block (Yelp reviews: "The girls are not insanely hot, but they are pretty... very, very pushy though; " can find the coupon in the LA Weekly for FREE admission") congregates on the block, and this project will make for a "safer 24-hour street."

Given the development has the backing of Koretz, the subcommittee approved the project. But numerous detractors showed up to speak out against it. Lauren Meister, speaking on behalf of the West Hollywood West Residents Association, told committee members the project would overpower the single-family homes in the area, and unlike other developments, there's no alley to act as a buffer between the homes and the apartment complex. She also added: "There's no precedent for a project this size."

Others worried about what kind of impact construction of the building would have on the neighborhood. Next, it heads to a full City Council vote, and given how these things shake out, the building is likely to be approved and built. Unless, of course, someone hires a lawyer and sues. A rep for developer NMS (which also built the Rachel Zoe-related Wilshire Margot) says if the project is approved, the project will break ground in "roughly April 2011."
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