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Is Los Feliz Boulevard Turning Into a Used Car Lot?

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Hey, it's turns out Los Feliz has some car hoarders, too! Los Feliz Boulevard in Los Feliz always seems classy to us, but locals say it's turning into a dumping ground for lemon unloading. Councilman Tom LaBonge wants the city attorney to take action on the amount of used cars sitting idly on the residential thoroughfare, reports the Los Feliz Ledger. Prompted by state assemblyman Mike Gatto and the DMV, a raid (!) may take place soon on the street's for-sale vehicles. Apparently, the boulevard has long been a swap meet for used cars but it's gotten worse in the past few years; residents say people milling around the vehicles could get hit by cars (Los Feliz Boulevard is freeway-like when traffic is thin), but are likely more upset that the used cars are eating up parking spots. "I'm looking at a way to pass something that would create a different zone on the boulevard, that says there would be no cars [for sale] within a certain perimeter," Gatto told the Ledger, saying he'll bring the issue up when the assembly meets back up in January. Los Angeles previously tried to eliminate the sale of cars on public streets, but the ban was ruled unconstitutional.
· Have a Used Car to Sell? [Los Feliz Ledger]