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Break Out the Bear Rugs, It's a Silver Lake Log Cabin Duplex

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It kind of feels like this Silver Lake log cabin was built as a fifties-style show house to sell wood sealant or something. Here's the listing for the home, which was built in 1983: "Inspired by the American Pioneer's architectural spirit for design and practicality this unique log cabin duplex embraces an updated blend of materials to create a very appealing and efficient living space. Beautifully remodeled with designer finishes, refinished and resealed interior and exterior logs this is the turnkey investment you have been waiting for." It goes on to hail the Deckrite waterproofing on the "multiple balconies." Each unit has two bedrooms, parking for two cars, and a fireplace, so that when it rains, you can sip hot cocoa, bundle up with your spouse, and feel safe in your smart investment. That peace of mind will cost you $839,000.
· 2626 CORRALITAS Dr [Redfin]