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Vermont Station Expo Line Signage Appears, Michael Jackson Meets Cirque du Soleil

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Via JWalker64
WEST ADAMS: Woo-hoo, you know we're hard up when Expo signage gets us hot and bothered. Via JWalker64's Flickr stream, a shot of a light rail sign at Vermont Station. His description: "One of many recently-placed LRT signals positioned in advance of intersections along the Expo Line. This one is located adjacent to the eastbound Vermont station platform. Note that the signal head has not yet been positioned and instead points perpendicular to the Expo Line tracks." [Flickr]

DOWNTOWN: These two are a natural pair. Via the Inbox: "The estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil announced today the official international launch of Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour™ written and directed by Jamie King, the leading concert director in pop music today." The tour will stop at Staples Center next January. More via Soundspike. [Curbed InBox]