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Pre-Gold Line Extension Arrival, Monrovia's Decaying Station Considered

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Image via Patch
Monrovia Patch considers the history of the old Monrovia train station, one of many "elegant stations between Pasadena and the farther-flung reaches of the San Gabriel Valley on the Santa Fe line. Built in 1925 and closed since the 1970s, the vandalized station may get a new life: "If current plans for the Foothill Gold Line Extension proceed, the station will be renovated and its original features will be preserved as part of the "Station Square Transit Village. Early artists' renderings show a revamped station surrounded by retail and office space?." Earlier this year, The Source had a rendering and provided a Q & A on the Gold Line Foothill extension.
· A Future Gold Line Station: Once an Elegant Stop on the Santa Fe Line [Monrovia Patch]