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LAUSD, Developer Team Up On Adorable Preschool-Housing Mashup

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[Rendering via Abode Communities]
You got your toddlers in my apartment complex! You got your median income renters in my preschool! For the LAUSD's next trick, it's partnering with developer Abode Communities to build workforce housing and an early education center on a single district-owned piece of land. The project was approved in 2001 and finally started construction this fall on the former site of a Glassell Park Elementary School parking lot. Abode is building (and funding) a 50 unit apartment building next door to LAUSD's bond-funded early education center. In between there'll be a 10,000 square foot "outdoor learning classroom," and underneath a garage that will serve the entire project and the elementary school. According to the LA Times, the $7 million garage was financed in part via the developer's ground lease. The apartments will be open to anyone who qualifies, but the LAUSD is planning several similar projects that will give priority to teachers.
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