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LA Bike Polo Club Wants to Go Official in North Hollywood

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Image via LA Bike Polo
A local bike polo club now has 40 members, according to the LA Times, which considers the growing popularity of the urban sport. This year's Dodgeball perhaps? Right now, the group, which plays with wooden mallet and a street hockey ball, holds games at the YMCA-owned roller hockey rink at North Hollywood Park, but in what might be a "a sign of the game's maturation as a sport," the group is asking the city for a sanctioned place for games and tournaments. Which isn't so unusual given that the city grants space to other fringe-sports groups. Times: "Craig Raines, a landscape architect with the city's Department of Recreation and Parks, said it's not unusual for park spaces to be set aside for a niche activity or designated as shared-use. There are spaces in Los Angeles already designated for model airplanes, archery and cricket, for instance." The group either wants a new space at the North Hollywood Park, or wants to use the tennis courts at the park. Judging from the group's web site, it looks like the tennis courts are already being used.
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