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Expo's Farmdale Stop Clears Hurdle, Station Construction Can Start

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Farmdale rendering via Expo Construction Authority

The Federal Transit Administration has determined the Farmdale station on phase one of the Expo Line light-rail will not negatively impact traffic or safety, either during construction or operation, reports Streetsblog. While tracks have already been laid across Farmdale and Exposition, the FTA announcement allows construction of the station to go forward. The site of the stop was long a bone of contention, as locals said the train would endanger the kids at nearby Dorsey High School. Karen Leonard of Light Rail for Cheviot says this decision bodes well for Expo regarding other disputed at-grade crossings and stations in Phase II to Santa Monica--Cheviot Hills locals are suing the construction authority, saying their environmental impact report didn't effectively weigh traffic impacts at grade crossings, like at Westwood Blvd. With the FTA news, it's also possible that the Farmdale station could open in 2011, which is when the line is supposed to start service, either to Crenshaw or La Cienega. If it opened to La Cienega and Farmdale wasn't yet ready, it was assumed the train would stop in front of Dorsey but not pick anyone up.
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