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Canyon Likes Barn Lofts, Hawthorne and LoGrande Talk Planning

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Before the brown (and the roof) came: Older images of Barn Lofts via project architects Rockefeller Architects' web site

DOWNTOWN: Investment firm Canyon Partners, which tussled with Meruelo Maddux over the 717 Ninth Street tower, purchased the construction loan on Barn Lofts a few months ago, and will likely foreclose soon, if they haven't started the process already, according to a source. Property Shark records show the title is still in original developer Borman Group's name. A rep for Canyon didn't return a call, but Canyon, may we suggest re-thinking the brown paint that was slapped over that lovely brick? [Curbed Staff]

EAGLE ROCK: City Planning Director Michael LoGrande and LA Times critic Christopher Hawthorne will be onstage together at Occidental College on Wednesday night for a talk organized by the LA Times and the school's Urban and Environmental Policy Institute. The event begins at 7 p.m. at Johnson Hall on the Occidental campus. Go ask LoGrande who would be the best Mayor in terms of planning in this city: Zev, Garcetti, Caruso, Perry or Beutner? Yeah, he probably won't comment. [LA Times]