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Plenty of Room for Pie at Sci-Arc, San Joaquin Valley Recommended for High-Speed

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We're cutting out early for some pecan pie and a pat-down. Happy Thanksgiving!

DOWNTOWN: We heard it was coming and here it actually is: Behold the quarter-mile long, maze-like Thanksgiving Table designed and built by SCI-Arc students. Now in its second year, the school's Thanksgiving Pie Shuffle was set to be presided over today by Sci-Arc director Eric Owen Moss. More photos and info available at Sci-Arc. [Curbed InBox]

SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY: Where or where will the first part of the California's high speed rail land? Via the Source, news that "agency staff is recommending that the initial 65-mile segment of tracks be built between Madera and Corcoran in the San Joaquin Valley, with a completion date of 2017." [The Source]